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You have a problem: you know you should be preparing for your retirement, but you don’t feel very confident about the current stock market. You may have other liabilities that need to be taken care of first, like a mortgage, credit card debt, or getting your children through college. Limited resources are forcing you to prioritize, but you feel like you’re not making the best decisions. There is so much information out there, it’s overwhelming.

You have a problem: you own a company and all of your resources seem to be tied up in that company. You know you should be executing a strategy for your eventual retirement, but it almost seems to be an impossibility. All of your time and effort are focused on the day-to- day running of the company, and you have no time to consider all the many options.

You have a problem: you’ve decided you need to retire. You’ve done a good job of saving, and you have Social Security and maybe a pension. But you’re not sure how long your savings will last you if you start traveling and actually spending money. You’ve worked hard to accumulate it, and now you’re afraid to spend it. How much can you help your family? You’d like to make a donation to your favorite charity, but you’re not sure how much you can give without jeopardizing your other goals. What about your health care needs? What happens when those expenses start to climb? Should you downsize? Can you afford a vacation home or an RV?

We address problems like these every day.