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About Financial Life Dimensions

We are a small, independent wealth advisory firm specializing in financial planning and wealth management. We believe our clients are not a number on a statement. Real wealth can be created and maintained when the larger self is understood. Each person has a unique life journey and their experiences have taught them certain realities. If your financial strategy does not acknowledge, leverage, and complement your uniqueness, we don’t believe it gives you the best opportunity of potentially achieving long term success.

James Pafundi started his career in 1996 and spent the next few years at smaller firms.  In 1998, he began working for larger institutional firms such as Prudential Securities, UBS, and Wells Fargo, and eventually he went independent in 2010.  In 2011, his wife and partner would leave her 20 year position at Wells Fargo Wealth Management to work with James full time in their own wealth management company, Financial Life Dimensions.

Today they serve clients from all over the country, but spend the majority of their time traveling to see clients in the PNW, the Bay Area, and San Diego.