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Our Story: James & Gina Pafundi

James and Gina met while attending San Diego State University. Twenty-two years later, they are partners in both life and business. Financial Life Dimensions was a dream they both set out to achieve together and today they are  as passionate about people and helping clients with their financial needs and goals as ever. Together, they bring over 40 years of experience in the financial services arena and their synergy as a couple echoes in all that they do.

James and Gina make a steadfast team. James is passionate and dedicated to managing portfolios, and Gina strives to make the operational process seamless for clients, employees, and vendors. They both believe clear communication is the key to successful relationships. The are always traveling, seeking knowledge, and enjoying new experiences.

Their teamwork and partnership goes beyond business. While they each have individual interests, some of their hobbies together include scuba diving, whitewater rafting, and hiking. In 2007 they set a goal to hike the Inca Trail in the Andes in four days. While traveling, Gina is the one that handles all the details, makes travel arrangements, and finds the exotic day trip. James will be the one driving and maneuvering the streets of Mexico, for example, getting to the destination.

Gina, of James, says “We complement each other very well. We have a good balance between our personalities and the way we approach things. Our strengths and weaknesses work very well together because we can pick up each others' slack.” Also, “James is a disseminator of information -- he can read anything and then explain it. He is passionate about knowledge and it’s never a dull morning at our house after James has done his daily information soak!"

James and Gina enjoy entertaining in their home, making personal connections with people, and learning from others. They feel that their life is enriched by their community of friends and clients. They also enjoy spending time with their families and being a part of their lives.