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The Value of a Financial Advisor

While our firm is proud of our cutting-edge technologies, we also emphasize the value of working with a real, live advisor. Let’s look at some of the most valuable aspects of working with a professional.


Keeping up with daily market fluctuations takes a lot of time and dedication and one of the key values of a financial advisor is helping their clients stay the course with their investments and focus on their long-term goals. When I speak about discipline to my clients, I remind them of the long-term plans we have in place and how staying committed to your investments is key to big picture returns.

The trendiest investment on the late night news or your friend’s recommendations for your portfolio likely aren’t the best fit for you. All of my clients’ plans are aligned with their personal goals and needs and I practice an educated, long-term investing approach.

Comprehensive Planning

One of the greatest benefits of working with an experienced financial professional is that they can organize the many pieces of your investment puzzle and consolidate your assets, if necessary. One of the first steps we go through when working with clients is asking them their past investing experience and where their assets lie. By utilizing this comprehensive approach, we can better serve them and develop plans with the whole picture in focus.

Help With The Heavy Lifting

One of the greatest benefits of working with an experienced professional is that they can eliminate a lot of the heavy lifting and monitoring it takes to manage a portfolio so you can focus on what matters most to you.

As financial advisors, our whole careers are defined by keeping up with markets, educating ourselves on the industry, and passing this knowledge onto our clients. For many of my clients, this approach allows them to focus on the things they love, rather than managing about their financial plans.